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--We produce various plastic containers,including plastic pails,plastic jerrycans,plastic drums,parts of household appliance,etc.


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--We produce plastic bottles through blow molding process and the main raw materialis HDPE.We provide various packaging bottles for many manufacturers.Such as lubricant oil,electroplating & chemical Industry,food,etc.The capacity of bottle is from 200ml to 6L and we have special-use molds and common-use molds for customers'choice.


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  • --塑胶桶采用吹塑技术生产而成,材料采用“超高分子高密度聚乙稀”。产品是一个多功能、多用途、坚韧、耐磨损的容器。独特无缝设计,单一工序吹塑技术,无需额外装嵌手柄,以防止手柄脱落。可盛装电镀液,化工材料,食品香料等。产品亦通过了中华人民共和国及海运危险货物检验规程中的要求的跌落试验、堆码载荷试验及渗漏试验,亦取得了中华人民共和国出商品包装容器质量许可证(即“UN”证书)及通过了中国商检广州出口食品检验所研究中心的检测,产品符合中华人民共和国食品容器卫生要求。

  • --We produce plastic jerrycan / plastic drum through blow molding process same as bottle and the main raw material is ultra high HDPE.Plastic jerrycan / drums are tight & tensile with multi-functions & multiuse,unique seamless design,single blow molding process,needing no extra used in electroplate liquid,chemical materials,food,etc.They have passed drop test,top-load test and leak test,which are required by Hazardous Production Pack age Inspection Center of Guangdong Entry-exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.We were also awarded UN quality certificate and food hygiene certificate.
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  • --塑胶开口桶采用聚丙稀或聚乙稀注塑而成。性质无毒、无味、抗酸、抗碱,其化学性能稳定,广泛应用于润滑油、涂料、粘合剂、清洁剂、化工助剂、油墨、颜料、食品添加剂等行业。
  • --产品桶盖与桶身之间采用了最新的专利设计:三重扣结构,提高了容器的密封性能,且具有防漏胶圈装配,使桶内物品不易泄漏。桶盖上亦加上防盗、防伪功能,有效地维护了用户的利益。

  • --We produce open-head plastic pails through injection mold process and the main material is the mixture of polyethylene or polypropylene.Being nonpoisonous and tasteless and resisting acid and alkali,the pails is steady in chemical property and Suitable to Pack ing of lubricant oil ,coating ,binder , sanitizer,chemical Industry auxiliary,printing ink,pigment,food additive,etc.
  • --The Open-head plastic pail adopts current patent design,triple-lock structure between body and cap,whic improved the sealing property and leak protection.
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